Council will dig in to quarry money collection for road projects

A NUMBER of roads will be resealed using contributions collected from Oberon Quarries on a "per tonne basis".

At Oberon Council's most recent ordinary meeting, a recommendation was carried to transfer $450,000 from externally restricted funds for the purposes of capital work improvements for bitumen spray re-seals on Hargraves, Harveys and Old Shooters Hill roads, among others.

Council's technical services director Chris Schumacher's report said Oberon Quarries has, as part of its original development consent, been required to make contributions on a "per tonne" basis to Oberon Council since it started operations to assist with the maintenance and/or capital improvements on the 12 kilometres of road network in which the heavy haulage vehicles operate.

This restricted cash reserve, to which Oberon Quarries contributes, had a contributed balance of $484,359.77 as at June 30, 2019.


Mr Schumacher's report said as part of proactive maintenance and to improve road surface conditions on these roads used by heavy haulage vehicles, it is proposed to engage the services of council's bitumen spray sealing contractor Fulton Hogan to complete bitumen re-sheeting on 800 metres of Hargraves Road, 900m of Harveys Road, 1000m of Old Shooters Hill Road to Edith Road and 4320m of Titania Road from Edith Road to Duckmaloi Road.

Mr Schumacher said "contributions will continue to accumulate for future works in which the funding is directly tied with the ongoing operations of the Oberon Quarries and its development consent".

Oberon Quarries began operations in 1995, supplying blue metal rock materials for roadworks, construction, concrete, road base, aggregate, cement and gravel.

The quarry expanded in 2015 and was given approval from the Department of Planning and Environment to continue operations for another 30 years.