Horoscopes week beginning September 22

Horoscopes week beginning September 22

ARIES: The month-long period from September 23 is generally a romantic time of year for you. Relationships will be more harmonious than usual, whether intimate or platonic. The basis you established to your life many years ago is now being tested for its solidarity. The tests provided during September 22, 23 will reveal the true state of these foundations.

TAURUS: You will generally attack your work with greater zeal in the coming month. This will allow you a greater scope of activity as you will also be able to tackle those domestic tasks. Studies, travel or a legal matter form part of a developing trend in your life at the moment. September 22, 23 test your resolution to achieve the outcome you seek: patience is important.

GEMINI: There is improved communication with loved ones during the coming month. You should also be able to find more time to do those things that please you. The financial burdens you carry are not light, requiring you to be meticulous in your attention to detail during September 22, 23. However, if you've been practical and realistic, expectations are achievable.

CANCER: Your finances and the home or property are intimately linked together this month. Money could flow in either direction as you attempt to improve your lifestyle. There is someone around you who is quite stressed out by the limiting factors in their life during September 22, 23. You are willing to help, but they may not want to listen.

LEO: The coming month will be a peak period of activity as you come to task with the intricacies of daily living. The accent will be on communication and common achievements. It seems like you are working your knuckles to the bone these days for so little in return. Whilst you are reflecting on life during September 22, 23, remember the value of endurance.

VIRGO: You will need to examine your budget as you accommodate the varying factors affecting your income. Keep spending to a minimum over the coming month. The burdens associated with children are quite heavy for Virgo natives, even though they are very important to you. Whilst you need to talk things through, words are just not flowing right now.

LIBRA: Your popularity will soar in the coming month, as you are more in demand, socially. You will also be able to achieve substantial progress towards the realisation of your goals. Life seems to be moving in slow motion during September 22, 23; as yet another obstacle crops up on the path to achieving your domestic objectives. Success takes time and foundations need to be properly laid.

SCORPIO: You need to take two steps back from work in the coming month, as progress is difficult. It will pay you to maintain a degree of independence in these routines. Your poor little brain is going to be taxed to the extreme during September 22, 23. You'll need extra time to absorb all the information coming your way, and to get where you are going.

SAGITTARIUS: September 22, 23 is not a good time for cash flow. Still, you have a plan and you are all too well aware that you must stick to it, calling for sacrifices to be made along the way. Your dreams are more easily realised during the coming month as others will be particularly helpful. Academic and legal successes are probable. Best days are September 29, October 12.

CAPRICORN: Your financial position and those of others around you will depend on your personal ability. Play your role responsibly and this could be a very profitable period for all. Life can be a real drag at times: September 22, 23 is one such time. Don't let the moods of those around you dampen your spirit while you are attending to the necessities of living.

AQUARIUS: Your contacts with other people will broaden your experience of life in the coming month as your mind is stimulated in new directions. You should not close your mind to new ideas. There is a certain quality lacking in life at the moment, expressed mostly in the frustration at making yourself heard and the type of work you are doing: this will hit home during September 22, 23.

PISCES: There will be greater pressure on you to perform for your money in the coming month. However, you will be well rewarded for your services, especially on September 29, October 12. You have your mind firmly set on new objectives and need to progress towards these through a process of trial and error. You will discover flaws during September 22, 23.

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