Let's run the ruler over it: Councillor wants a roadworks audit

Cr Andrew McKibbin.
Cr Andrew McKibbin.

OBERON Council spends 70 per cent of its revenue on road construction and maintenance, but is it getting value for money?

That's the question councillor Andrew McKibbin is asking.

Cr McKibbin moved a motion for an independent audit into Oberon Council's road construction and maintenance at the ordinary council meeting on Tuesday night.

His report to councillors said Oberon has seen a cumulative 39.4 per cent increase in rates over the past five years, mostly due to the special rate variation which was primarily used to fund additional capital and maintenance works on roads as there was a backlog of work.

"Councillors need to substantiate to the ratepayers of Oberon that they are obtaining value for money for each dollar spent on roads as it is such a large slice of the budget," his report said.

"Ratepayers are entitled to know that Oberon Council is using industry/council best practice in undertaking road construction and maintenance.

"The audit is to identify necessary changes to achieve best practice."


His report said the independent auditor would be given "access to council records including plant and road records, costing material for road construction and maintenance, council employees and contractors".

"The considerations will be: is council adopting best practice in its road construction and maintenance activities and is council using its workforce and contractors to maximise productivity, value for money and quality in road construction and maintenance," his report said.

The motion was carried, but deferred until a report from the general manager comes back to council as to the cost of the audit and means of funding it.