Oberon Garden Club | Euphorbia and Jerusalem artichoke at meeting

Oberon Garden Club | Euphorbia and Jerusalem artichoke at meeting

THERE was a great roll-up for Oberon Garden Club's first of the soup and damper gatherings for the year.

There were two new members, Mary Whitley and Terrie Mills. Nice to see our numbers growing.

Melissa Pike was our guest speaker and gave a most interesting demonstration of how to make a stunning arrangement out of what seemed very little. We shall look at our winter gardens with new eyes from now on.

Morning tea and lunch was fabulous. Garden Club members certainly know how to provide great food. The OGY entries were numerous despite it being winter.

Melissa chose Margaret Jones' euphorbia arrangement as the monthly winner. No doubt Ros's cyclamen, Hardy's native orchid and Pauline's Jerusalem artichoke and parsley arrangement scored some popular votes.

This month's meeting will be held on July 15 at the Uniting Church Hall at 10am.

David McKibbin from Stratford Trees at O'Connell will be our guest speaker. His subject will be the selection, planting and care of trees suitable for our climate. This should be a very popular topic and one that will prevent us making some bad mistakes.

As well, there will be the usual activities, the OGY award, morning tea and lunch plus discussions of what is going on in our gardens. Hope to see a big roll-up to what sounds like another great meeting. New members are always welcome.