Oberon High | Taking a healthy interest in fitness day

PARTICIPATION: Principal Mr Luccarda and Indiana Boss-Walker getting fit doing star jumps at Oberon High.
PARTICIPATION: Principal Mr Luccarda and Indiana Boss-Walker getting fit doing star jumps at Oberon High.

IN project-based learning, year seven students displayed their first real world solution to a local problem which was tackled in a project called Fit4Me.

Students took knowledge about fitness and healthy eating to create a community information day.

Their goal was to create interactive displays that would help ordinary members of the Oberon community become healthier.

As this was our first project display, we limited the audience to year seven parents, but we were very excited to see a few parents from each class come to the presentation on Friday, June 14.


They seemed very interested in making themselves healthier. Displays included games such as throwing a ping pong ball into the cup with the healthiest food in it in order to win a 'Benny Buck' for their child to claim (part of the school's positive behaviour reward system).

We also enjoyed yoga displays and presentations about the types of food and exercise that would suit adults in Oberon.

The highlight of the day may have been watching one mother being cheered on as she 'planked' as long as her son.

But all the students enjoyed seeing Oberon High School principal Mr Luccarda practising a recommended daily fitness regime including star jumps, which he did with flair.

Ms Grace and Mr O'Neill - year seven projects teachers - were impressed by the dedication shown by students and the enthusiasm of parents. We expect students will be even more successful in our next project - the 'genius hour'.

Support officer

OBERON High now has the services of a new technology support officer, Peter Manderson. Students who need help with technology issues can find Mr Manderson in his office (adjacent to the library) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


SHANNON Foley, a CSU student in the final year of her Bachelor of Education, Health and Physical Education, is at Oberon High. Many students may recognise her as she is a local. Miss Foley will be here for the rest of term two in the PDHPE Faculty.

Miss Foley has always had a passion for PDHPE and sport, enjoys sharing this passion with students and hopes to inspire them to do well.