Letter | I think this looks very much like mischief making

Letter | I think this looks very much like mischief making

AFTER reading Hardy Draheim's letter in last week's Review ("Where has the money ended up?"), I am left wondering what is the purpose of his letter? I understand Mr Draheim is very used to attending council meetings and making presentations, speeches and asking questions. It puzzles me as to why he did not ask this question of council.

Sitting back and thinking on this issue, I can only assume he is setting about to convince the community that his self-elected position of Oberon Shire Ratepayers Association is worthwhile. I point out there has never been any public notification of such a committee to be formed. Surely democracy should be applied when forming such an organisation. If this is not his prime objective, then one can assume that he is truly trying to be part of Oberon by playing the part of Puck from a Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare). Puck is well known for mischief making, and this is what it would seem Mr Draheim is indicating with his letter.

There are many balances and checks every council has to adhere to whether it is for grants money or rates collected. It is not for me to make comment on the explanation that Mr Draheim should have sought from council or council's general manager.

I do know there is nothing sinister as perhaps suggested by Mr Draheim and I feel sure there will be an explanation provided by council or council staff. I do not have the right to speak for or on behalf of council, however, do not be misled by Mr Draheim's mischief making or trying to promote himself as better than the nine councillors we as a community elected, or his attempt to suggest staff have not done the right thing.

I am not speaking for or on behalf of council, just as an individual who believes in fairness whilst understanding that which Mr Draheim is trying to tell us could not be correct. If the Oberon Shire Ratepayers Organisation wants our respect, then form the group using democracy - after all, that is what we fought for during the anti-amalgamation issue.

Marjorie Armstrong