Letter | We're concerned about Roundup, so why not fluoride?

Letter | We're concerned about Roundup, so why not fluoride?

IT is interesting to note that there is a hazardous chemical (Roundup) receiving international press, and Australia is responsibly embracing a worldwide movement by proposing banning this toxic substance that, reports say, is harmful to humans, animals, soil and the environment.

In general, glyphosate is the culprit and it leaves open to debate the subject of all of toxic waste.

This urgent response in Australia has been affected by publicised legal proceedings in America, with Bayer-Monsanto having lost a recent lawsuit.


In Australia, it is commendable that some wise councillors are choosing to be accountable.

One wonders when will the same address the outdated law of fluoridation of drinking water in Australia?

Why has fluoride been allowed to prevail in the name of tooth decay prevention when there are other obvious modern choices?

One day, people will forget the marketing spin that currently promotes these products, namely: fluoride is "natural" and Roundup is a "herb"-icide. That day can't come soon enough.

Rosy Ward