Stud sheep display's a must for all to see

CLOSE SHAVE: A young shearer takes the fleece off a stud ewe at Mumblebone, Wellington.

CLOSE SHAVE: A young shearer takes the fleece off a stud ewe at Mumblebone, Wellington.

PLANS are firmly in place for the Shearwell Australia-sponsored Sheep Week Display of stud sheep at the Bathurst Showground on Tuesday, June 18.

A checklist of both terminal breeds and merino includes Mount Bathurst, Suttors Merino, Blink Bonnie, Langley Heights, Glen Esk, Rose Lea, Kildara Glen, Capre, Ravecchia, Cottie's Run, Monteray, New Plains, Pomanara and Fosterfield.

Among those names are Southdown, poll Dorset, white Suffolk, Corriedale, border Leicester and merino rams and this should be a must-see for agricultural students from our high schools.

The displays are open from 10am-3pm. Entry is free and everyone is welcome.

Details from

The Land newspaper in conjunction with Bathurst Merino Association has organised this event which should be a very bright spot on sheep breeders' calendars.

Looking back

THREE steps back to my election predictions that largely missed the mark:

  • I guessed a three-seat Labor win and Liberals won by two.
  • I thought Tony Abbott would hold Warringah and he lost badly.
  • I picked Dave Sharma to win back Wentworth and he did.
  • I thought Clive Palmer would win a Senate seat and, after $60 million, he didn't.

Still, no one should get too far ahead of themselves.

Even though Scott Morrison conducted an excellent campaign, he only has a two-seat majority [one more than Malcolm Turnbull held] and his campaign was done with both hands in his pockets for much of the time.

Taxing times

EVERY farm business owner should discuss their tax arrangements with their accountant during the next few weeks as current decisions could affect the viability of businesses in coming years.

Some owners will prefer superannuation, stocks and shares, life assurance or maybe cash in the bank while others prefer real estate in its many forms. But all will agree that hard-earned dollars should be retained by the hard earner if possible.

No one objects to paying their share of taxes as many community members must be looked after, but incentives should be available to those who take big risks and have a go.

Poll quandary

A THOUGHT for the week: We now know that the opinion polls that were so badly wrong during the recent election campaign were still wrong on polling day.

Is it possible they have been wrong for the past decade when they have brought down four prime ministers?

STILL STANDING: Our ancestors knew how to build for the long term.

STILL STANDING: Our ancestors knew how to build for the long term.

What's in a name?

BATHURST'S newest residential subdivision, Sunnybright at Kelso, has not retained the iconic name of the once-thriving orchard that operated on the site.

The Sunbright orchard was managed by the late Jim Reedy, his sons Jack and Ken and their wives.

In the fruit producing game where reputation for quality is paramount, the Sunbright brand was highly regarded for many decades and is not forgotten by Bathurst residents.

Wet and drying

A FACEBOOK posting from Ramsgate Merino Stud in South Australia caught my eye as it showed a mob of stud ewes being trail fed hay and grain barley.

The caption read: "After 25 years of wet and drying our ewes at marking, we have really motherly mothers who will fight to protect their young."

Wet and drying comprises removing the ewes from the mob that aren't rearing a lamb.

Mothering ability is one of the best traits in every female animal and always warms a stock owner's heart.

Wool on display

FRIENDS keep telling me that David Jones store in Market Street, Sydney has a great display of Australian wool, ranging all the way from complete fleeces to the highest quality ladies' clothes and men's suits.

David Jones stores have a reputation for offering best quality products and I'm sure that every producer would join me in saying thank you to the management and staff of DJs.

Diary dates

  • Tuesday, June 18: The Land/Shearwell Sheep Week Display at Bathurst Showground, 10am-3pm.

Wool market

THE Northern Market Indicator fell by 60 cents to 1833/kg clean with buyers cautious as they sought to gauge the market.

Prices opened lower on Wednesday and decreased during the day .

Thursday was more positive with smaller price reductions. National pass-in rate was 28.2 per cent.

There are 31,562 bales rostered for the next sale. Fremantle will again have a one-day sale due to low quantities.

Mark Horsburgh, TWG Landmark

Laugh lines

LITTLE Miss Four was saying her night prayers with daddy: "God bless everyone and goodbye, Pop." Two days later good old Pop was gone.

A month later the night's prayers again: "God bless everyone and goodbye, Grandma." Next day Grandma passed on.

A while later, dad was going away for a few days and again he joined Little Miss for prayers: "God bless everyone and goodbye, Daddy."

Dad came home gingerly a few days later and his wife said: "The wool agent died on our doorstep two days ago."


THE offsider took the boss' vintage Peugeot to the garage for repairs.

The mechanic asked the make of the car and was told: "Dunno, mate, but I think it starts with P."

The mechanic said: "That's odd, all of ours start with either diesel or petrol."