Bathurst couple Matt and Michelle Lee create Game of Thrones-inspired dog bed

Just in time for the hit television's final season, one Bathurst couple have created a Game of Thrones-inspired dog bed.

And it's taken off online too, with one Facebook page generating millions of views of the bed, designed by Bathurst couple Matt and Michelle Lee.

The bed is based off the Iron Throne, the throne on which the king or, in case of the last two seasons, queen sits.

In the show, the throne is made of iron swords, but the one created by the Lees is made out of plywood.

The design for the Game of Thrones-inspired dog bed was created by Ms Lee, while Mr Lee, who is an industrial designer, made the prototype.

"The latest model of the bed allows people to put it together themselves, making it easier to deliver," he said.

The plywood is cut with a CNC laser, before a coat of black paint is applied to the entire bed. It is then given a grey dry brush to give it its final look.

Mr Lee said the Game of Thrones-inspired bed was originally meant to be something on the side, while he focused on other projects for his business Divergn Designs.

"It started off as something Michelle and I did on the side for fun," he said.

"When the original video got posted, it got picked up by a group that eventually shared it and it got about four million views.

"We got so many orders coming in after the video."

To order a dog bed, visit the Divergn Designs website at

Divergn Designs also sells custom medieval shields and other laser-carved items, including a map of the Game of Thrones world.

Game of Thrones is a fantasy television series that has been airing since April, 2011, staring actors such as Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.

Episode four of the six-episode final season aired on Monday morning, with the series finale set to premiere on May 19.

The series has attracted critical acclaim for its acting, characters, story and production.

However, it has also draw criticism for its portrayal of strong violence and frequent nudity.

The series is based off A Song of Ice and Fire, a popular book series written by author George R. R. Martin.