Transport's a priority as Oberon transitions from Centroc to joint organisation

OBERON councillors have been given an update on the transition from Centroc to the new Central NSW Councils Joint Organisation.

Centroc executive Jenny Bennett addressed Oberon Council's last ordinary meeting and said the joint organisation had 10 voting members.

Oberon mayor Kathy Sajowitz is one of them.

Ms Bennett said the joint organisation was looking to do some things better.

"We need a better relationship with state government, advocacy and operational support," she said.

"Being a member of the joint organisation for Oberon means value as we have identified a saving for Oberon Council of $732,000 over the past 10 years.

"Cost savings will be directed in contracting, auditing and grant funding for the region.

"Membership for Oberon for the past year is $32,000. We advocate for council - we do the work and save council money."

Ms Bennett said transport was one of the biggest problems facing the people of central NSW.

"We have an advocacy plan and a special sub committee to address transport. We've retained 100 per cent funding for bridge assessments," she said.

"We have a strategic transport group which involves Road and Maritime Services and inland rail.

"Bells Line of Road is classed as an urban road we need this changed to a regional road classification. Transport NSW are starting to listen."

Councillor Andrew McKibbin said, in his opinion, the roads project needs a committee of engineers and experts to put a case together to present to the state government.

Ms Bennett said the Southern LED lights project would save money and they were seeking 100 per cent funding for the project.

"Other priorities for the organisation are water infrastructure, health, telecommunication, regional economic development and planning," she said.

Ms Bennett spent the weekend in Oberon and said she noticed a lot of media in town for the Field to Forest events.

"It was clever to hire a tourism officer - it will promote tourist to the Oberon area."