Letter | Bullet stop a boon for Tarana district residents

Letter | Bullet stop a boon for Tarana district residents

THE Tarana Valley Community Group welcomes the recent announcement by our state member, Paul Toole, concerning the upgrade of the Bathurst Bullet train service to Sydney beginning next year. 

There will now be two daily return services and, most importantly, at least one train will stop at Tarana.

This is great news for residents of the Tarana Valley and Oberon Shire who can now hop on a train at Tarana Station rather than travelling to Lithgow or Mount Victoria to start their trip to Sydney.

It is heartening to see that the community voice has been heard and acted on. 

Oberon councillors and community members have been lobbying for the past five years to give residents access to the Bullet train from Tarana Station. We congratulate them on their success.


The Tarana Valley Community Group had put the Bullet train high on its agenda after community consultation over the past four months had shown strong support for the train stopping at Tarana and we had opened a dialogue with the Oberon mayor, Kathy Sajowitz, to plan a strategy to achieve this. 

While we would love to claim this as our first victory, we fully recognise the efforts of those who worked for change before us. But maybe they heard us coming!

This outcome shows that our elected representatives can respond to lobbying from the community when we speak with a clear and unified voice. 

It is the aim of the Tarana Valley Community Group to act as a vehicle for this voice and to continue to work for the changes that are important to the residents of our area.

Richard Rollo, president, Tarana Valley Community Group