Councillors agree to waive fees for Black Springs' St Aidan's

Oberon Council has carried a recommendation to waive the development application fees from St Aidan's Church at Black Springs as it is dedicated to the community.

The total fees of $691 were paid at the time of the submission and could be considered for reimbursement within the request.

Planning and development director Shane Wilson's report said given that the development application is for the purpose of creating additional lots of land which will allow the heritage-listed St Aidan's Church to be gifted to a community group to own and manage, it is considered to be a gesture that warrants the waiving of the development application fees, as it will result in protecting the church for future community use.

St Aidan's was saved in March 2018 when the village church was bought by a benefactor.


The future of the building had been in doubt after the Bishop of Bathurst, the Reverend Ian Palmer, announced his decision to sell the church to help pay redress to those abused by lay people and clergy from the parishes and institutions of the diocese. Council wrote to Bishop Palmer asking him to reconsider his decision.