A university degree is an investment in your future

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Story sponsored by Charles Sturt University.

A university degree is more than simply a vocation, it’s an investment in your future. 

You need to find a course that strikes the right balance between theory and practical experience. More importantly, you need to graduate with knowledge and skills that your specific industry actually values. 

That’s why Charles Sturt University recently undertook a large industry research project to update its business courses and give their students the best possible shot at employment after they graduate. 

The new Bachelor of Business (Industry Professional Practice) offers students not only a sound theoretical basis but also tailored, personalised industry connections throughout the degree to best suit their future direction.

According to the research, one of the major areas of focus for most employers was finding “well-rounded” young professionals who already have both an understanding of the fundamentals of business and what is expected of them. 

While many employers said they wanted people with ability to professionally develop and one day specialise in a particular field, they also wanted employees with a firm grasp on the basics, like software, meetings, staff requirements and client interactions.

Many also wanted an avenue which they could use to skill up their current employees, to help grow their businesses.

Upon its launch in September, Director on the Board of NSW Business Chamber Ellie Brown praised the new Bachelor of Business (Industry Professional Practice).saying it would equip graduates to begin their careers on day one. 

“It has a strong focus on industry connection sessions that will help students to build their personal brands and get valuable insights from experienced faculty and industry professionals,” she said.

The degree is being offered at the Bathurst Campus and while it is a full time degree, students only need to attend class three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday. 

This gives participants greater flexibility to both work and study simultaneously. You can also choose short stay accommodation options on campus, offering an affordable option for students who need to stay overnight for just one or two nights to study the degree. 

As part of the degree, the university also offers additional streams, professional development modules and one-on-one career support and planning. 

This business course accommodates everyone from school leavers through to professionals and small business people looking to further develop their skill set.

For more information visit http://futurestudents.csu.edu.au

Story sponsored by Charles Sturt University.

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