Faces from the Oberon Showgirl dinner at Oberon Showground

BRONTE Gavey was named the 2018/19 Oberon Showgirl at a dinner held at the Oberon Showground recently that attracted more than 70 people.

Guests enjoyed a dinner from locally sourced produce such as lamb, vegetables, cheese and wines.

Mayor Kathy Sajowitz congratulated all the entrants at the dinner, saying it was heartwarming to see such confident and special young women acting as ambassadors and role models for the Oberon community.

"At a very young age, it's very difficult to put yourself forward and to speak publicly,” she said.

“You are all winners. It must have been a very difficult decision for the judges to select a winner from such an outstanding group of young women."

The other entrants were Fiona Alamyar, Chloe Sheppard and Alexandra Sikima.