High-vis record world record attempt not broken

Despite last-minute calls for help, Wagga’s attempt to break a world record fell short. Officially, 1242 people turned out in high-vis vests, falling short of the 2136 people needed to break a Guinness Book of World Records title for the most people wearing high-vis in one place, which is currently held by Japan.

With a photo snapped to record the occasion, organisers light-heartedly suggested participants could stand on one leg, and create a new record in that way, while a youngster in the crowd suggested a conga line of high-vis wearers should be formed.

The record attempt was held to promote World Mental Health Day, and although no records had been smashed, Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan told the crowd they had still succeeded in raising community awareness.

Having hundreds of people in high-vis gear tied in with day’s 2018 theme of Do You See What I See to challenges perceptions about mental illness.