Oberon Council seeks input on town's future

Have your say.

Have your say.

IT’S a big question: what will Oberon look like in 2040?

But that’s the question Oberon Council hopes to answer – or at least predict – as it launches a two-month “consultation and engagement program” with residents of the area.

Council wants as many locals as possible to have their say on what the community will look like in 20-plus years, including what services and infrastructure will be needed and what sort of community residents want to have now and into the future.

Importantly, council hopes to plan how to get there.


Residents are being asked to complete an online survey that, council says, will only take about 10 minutes to fill out. 

Survey questions include what residents think are their favourite things about living in the area and what things they would like changed to make Oberon a better place.

Council says it will connect with up to 200 people through a phone survey so they can contribute their ideas and suggestions.

Oberon's businesses and community groups will be contacted to participate and there are also plans for pop-up events in the main street during October and November. 

Council also wants to connect with the village communities in Black Springs, O’Connell and Burraga and will be holding a get-together at dates yet to be confirmed.

Council says Oberon's young people will be involved through an art and story competition and a “future leaders” forum. 

Council also wants to showcase the region through a photography competition that will be open to any resident.

"Our future community is your community,” a spokesperson for Oberon Council said.

"Your input and ideas are very genuinely welcome and we hope you’ll be involved where you can.

“The information provided will be used to form new strategies towards the future you want.”

To have your say, log on to www.surveymonkey.com/r/GZSBCBV.