Redfin Roundup: lots of interest, according to Oberon Council

SUPPORT: Oberon Council general manager Gary Wallace and Oberon Outdoor and Electronic manager Neil Evans.

SUPPORT: Oberon Council general manager Gary Wallace and Oberon Outdoor and Electronic manager Neil Evans.

THE Redfin Roundup, which will be held as part of Oberon Outdoor Week, continues to gain support from local businesses.

The event has recently ticked over $4000 in sponsorship and prizes for local and visiting anglers.

Local businesses have embraced the idea of a fishing competition and local store Oberon Outdoor and Electronic (formerly Oberon Video and Discs) has joined as the headline sponsor.


The business sees an opportunity in the outdoor and adventure segment and has undertaken a rebrand and modification to cater for this market.

Oberon Outdoor and Electronic will launch its full offering during the week and will headline the event in conjunction with many other local sponsors, including Oberon RSL, Mawhood Bros Supa IGA, Spark Electrical, MCF Engineering and Mayfield Garden.

“Outdoor Week and the fishing competition has come at a great time as we are modifying our business towards the outdoor and electronic market,” Oberon Outdoor and Electronic manager Neil Evans said.

“As many people know, we have been providing the electronic side of the business for some time now, but we will be fully up and running by the long weekend to supply a full array of camping, fishing and adventure offerings to locals and visiting enthusiasts.

“The outdoor traits of the Oberon region provide a natural need for locals and visitors to pick up that quick camping or fishing-related item and now we can offer a full array without them needing to travel into Bathurst and other neighbouring areas.

“We are excited to partner with the Redfin Roundup as anything that assists to promote the outdoor activities of the region and/or brings more people to town is a win for our business.”

Interest in the Redfin Roundup has been steadily increasing, with the event catching some regional and state tourism media attention.

The event was featured on the Central NSW and Visit NSW event pages, which have helped to target the Greater Sydney and ACT markets.

The Visitor Information Centre has currently received 150 sign-ups and another 380 people have indicated an interest to participate in the event.

“It is fantastic to see Neil and other business owners in the community come on board and support new events such as the Redfin Roundup,” Oberon Council general manager Gary Wallace said.

“We do see a lot of opportunity to capitalise on the outdoor and natural assets of the Oberon region and Oberon Outdoor Week is a small step towards creating some larger scale events throughout the year.

“We are focused on tapping our key visitor markets across Sydney and ACT, and family-based events such as the Redfin Roundup generate overnight visitation which support the greater tourism and hospitality businesses of Oberon.

“Early indications from the Redifin comp are positive with 35 per cent of the sign-ups coming from Sydney and/or ACT, so this reinforces our key initiatives of bringing Sydneysiders this side of the Blue Mountains and revitalising the Tablelands Way for improved links to the ACT.”

The Redfin Roundup will be held from 8am on Saturday, September 29 at the Reef Reserve.