Letter | Black spots are on radar – and we have to keep them there

I WOULD like to thank those who participated in a petition addressing the lack of mobile phone service in our area. The petition received over 110 written submissions by August 2, which is a great result.

The petition was presented to Federal Member for Calare Andrew Gee on August 2 at Oberon Council Chambers in the presence of mayor Kathy Sajowitz and council's general manager Gary Wallace.

Prior to the petition, Oberon Council was campaigning for the eradication of mobile black spots at Black Springs, Gingkin Valley, Tuglow, Jaunter, Mozart and Burraga.

As a result of your efforts, the Shooters Hill mobile black spot is now "on the radar" and included as part of Oberon Council's submission to state and federal governments.

From the meeting with Mr Gee, some points were noted.

Mobile phone towers are normally placed as close to existing infrastructure as possible to keep costs down; this is usually nearby fibre optic cabling.

We need to keep the Shooters Hill black spot in the minds of elected officials to ensure that it gets funding and where public funding is involved, the federal government is working on ensuring that multiple carriers have access to the towers.

The petition presented to Mr Gee is just the beginning of the process. It will be up to all of us to keep awareness of the black spots in the minds of elected officials.

Nigel Price, Tuglow Landcare president, on behalf of petition