How the internet has reacted to Australia’s political drama

Via the Aussie As Facebook page

Via the Aussie As Facebook page

WHEN we got up for work on Monday, who would have predicted where we’d be at the end of the working week?

The Liberal Party is in turmoil. Constituents are furious at the circus in Canberra.

And of course, on the internet, people are taking the opportunity to test their comedy flair.

We’ve collated some of the funny posts being shared across the internet.

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And follow all the action in Canberra with our live coverage here.

When Julia Bishop stepped into the ring…

Tom Gleeson helped Paul Denyer win a Gold Logie. Could Prime Ministership really be that far-fetched…?

Looking for a new job?

Which way? RIGHT!

The NT News asking all the hard questions

Meanwhile, the hashtag #libspillfilms is trending on Twitter as people try to describe Australia’s political dramas as something worthy of an Oscar (or at least a Logie).

Here’s just a few of the suggestions floating around...

The classic

The family favourite

Stranger than science-fiction...

And there’s even a TV series

And here’s some live video of how things are going right now

We couldn’t go through a list of memes without mentioning He Who Must Not Be Named

And finally, who could predict the final winner in all of this? Could it be…?