Letter | It was your mess, but we had to clean it up

SOME three weeks ago, our local Showground Hall was booked for a party.

It is apparent that several people attending this party displayed a complete lack of respect for community property.

Some attendees let off fire extinguishers throughout the hall and kitchen area, broke several glasses, a toilet door, spilled drinks down walls and destroyed the beautiful decorations covering the ceiling rafters.

These decorations remained after a bridal fair function held earlier this year and were left in good faith for all other uses of the hall to enjoy.

An initial attempt was made to clean, however, the hall was unusable without more cleaning.

Last week, a call was made to at least three of the young people known to be involved in making the mess to attend a clean-up session on Thursday at 6pm.

They were asked to spread the word around so that others involved could also come and help clean up. This was essential so our Community and Farmers’ Markets could go ahead on Saturday.

But not one young person and not one parent of the young ones involved turned up to help. What an absolute disgrace! Just who did these people think would clean up their mess?

It took eight people more than four hours to get the hall usable again.

We would like to name the offenders, but our list of names is incomplete, so it would not be appropriate, but they know who they are!

Shame on all of you for your total lack of community conscience.

Oberon Community and Farmers’ Market Committee