Letter | This is not the end of the fluoride battle

I BELIEVE it should be plainly obvious to most residents that the "community engagement" meetings, and the council poll, to get feedback regarding fluoridation were a total farce.

I believe the decision to fluoridate had been made from the very beginning. 

They just had to go through the motions, to make it look genuine.

Then, when the numbers were so far in favour of not fluoridating, that is when the government-sanctioned phone poll came in to "save the day", which enabled the five councillors to justify their decision to fluoridate.

It looks like a carbon copy of how they got fluoridation passed in Bega.

What is now needed is for closer scrutiny as to how this phone poll was conducted.

I would like to thank councillors Gibbons, McCarthy and Lyon for respecting the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Oberon residents by voting against fluoridation.

As for the five councillors who voted to add fluoride to the town’s water, you are now going to have to face a lot of very angry residents whose views were disregarded. 

Looking forward, I believe there will be legal challenges to this decision.

And let’s not forget, when we next vote for a new council, we can then vote for councillors who respect the wishes of the residents, not trample on them. 

And lastly I would ask all shopkeepers who have “no fluoride” signs to please keep them displayed, as this is by no means over.

In fact, it is just the beginning of the next phase.