Letter | This feels like George Orwell’s 1984 revisted

I READ the letter to the editor in the June 21 edition, entitled “Giving choice”, and it reminded me of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, where “war is peace”, “slavery is freedom” and “hate is love”.

Now we have “water fluoridation is choice”. Wow, talk about doublespeak. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

The writer then goes on to say, hey, you can go buy bottled water if you do not want to drink the poisoned (oh, I should have said fluoridated) town water.

What about when you shower or bathe in fluoridated water? 

The skin being the largest organ, it is where most of the fluoridation chemicals are absorbed into the human body.

But, hey, silly me, the writer might just say, well, you can always wear a raincoat when showering or a wetsuit when bathing to avoid the fluoridation chemicals.

What utter rubbish. I believe the pro-fluoridation fanatics have hit a new low.

And to finish, a message to the noisy, small minority (minuscule actually) of pro-fluoride residents, a news flash: fluoridation is actually illegal in Australia. See latest news in link below.


Your comrade,

Winston Smith (oh, I meant Phillip Haynes)​