Letter | But where is the fluoride actually coming from?

MICHEAL Czajba published his PhD paper in Chemistry, Applied Science at the university RMIT in 2014.

The author declares that he has no competing interests. Through his paper are quotes. First: "Flexafluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate (a powder) or sodium fluoride (a powder - all highly toxic). However, water fluoridation is usually carried out Flexafluorosilicic acid which is a by-product of the aluminium and phosate industries.” Second: "Fluoride is poison a lipid soluble neurotoxin and enzyme.” Further in his study: "At 1ppm some sections of the population (eg infants) will ingest too much fluoride. A lethal dose for children is 5-15mg/kg. Thus as little as 35mg can kill a 7kg infant while 5-10g (32-64 mg/kg) can kill a 70kg adult."  

Fluoride accidents do happen in the water system with fluoride poisoning. Search the web; they are there.   

At the council meeting on June 19, Keith Sullivan (a former mayor) asked the mayor and council the same questions that many people, myself included, have been asking for months since this fluoride debate came up again back in November.

The questions being asked have been: What is the source? Where is it coming from? What is in it? These questions have never been answered.

I believe there are only two reasons this has not occurred. Either they do not know and are prepared to vote without knowing the answers to these questions like puppets for the government. Or they refuse to tell us as they are afraid of the backlash from the community. Maybe good politics, but not good council transparency. 

Bathurst council do not buy their fluoride (toxic waste) locally. As it is not available from Belgium due to short supply, now it is coming from China. I wonder if the Bathurst community know this.  

As far as I am concerned, the government dental health department is not telling the truth. They tell a half-truth in the sense fluoride does occur naturally, but the fluoride they want us to use and approve is, I believe, toxic waste. 

There appears to me to be pressure on for the councillors to vote yes. But to vote for something that I believe is going to be toxic is so very wrong. I, like many, just want to know what is the toxin going to be if the councillors vote it in.

What are the dangers for those susceptible to adverse reactions if fluoridation goes ahead? 

If you haven't had your say to the councillors, let them know. Yes or no - but not just because the dentist told you to. Councillors work for us. They are supposed to be our voice, not a voice for the government.

Please speak up or more than likely one of these contaminants are going to go into our tap drinking water.

Robyn Wiseman