Letter | End the madness of the industrial waste

THE fluoride industrial waste pushers are really worried.

A new “uplevelled” travelling circus hit Black Springs the other night. Very entertaining.

New dentists this time, one a paediatric dentist.

This goes against ADA and Pew advice not to debate the issue in public. https://bit.ly/2xtyt4d 

Our retired local vet, Dr Brian Dellow, should know that animals have suffered terribly from fluoride poisoning, including zoo elephants, thoroughbred horses in overseas studies, koalas, possums, kangaroos – thoroughly researched with Australian government grants and international collaborators.

I don’t know how dentists can stand there and effectively say drink this toxic waste, that it’s only one part per million, when in fact there is no safe level.

I've been working with Geoff Pain, a scientist who has a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, who has studied the toxic effects of fluoride on the human body for 53 years.  

Geoff highlighted the following two important peer-reviewed papers published this year in May that you’ll likely not hear about from the pro-fluoride dentists. 

One is the latest updates in the long-term Iowa Study, confirming the earlier finding that fluoridation has no impact on tooth decay. https://bit.ly/2stqSfX

The other confirms direct damage to the kidneys from fluoride in drinking water - a study by nine respected scientists in Mexico. https://bit.ly/2JhSDTj

These studies reveal the craziness and horror of forcing a bio-accumulative poison down the throats of ordinary citizens as a convenient means of industrial waste disposal.

Of course, Australian fluoride pushers have published research proving fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay as you’ll see in NSW Health’s own study. https://bit.ly/2stYlXA

People of Oberon, there was no difference in tooth decay in the NSW towns chosen for the variables mentioned, i.e. water fluoridation does not work. 

Also, the Cochrane Collaboration (funded by Colgate), who reviewed every study done on fluoridation they could find (https://bit.ly/2LM85ph) (2015), and the NHS (National Health Service UK) (https://bit.ly/2J0bfYK) (2000) came to similar conclusions.

Trevor Sheldon, who led the advisory board of the NHS review, said: “There’s really no evidence and if anything there may be evidence the other way.”

End the fluoride madness.

Janet Poole