Rural Notebook | I think we need to talk

DRY ARGUMENT: Grain feeding of sheep is now a common sight across the district as the long dry continues.
DRY ARGUMENT: Grain feeding of sheep is now a common sight across the district as the long dry continues.

OUR lovely Central Tablelands is now looking its worst and every landholder has serious problems.

LOOK OUT:  This alpine pygmy possum seems concerned for his future.

LOOK OUT: This alpine pygmy possum seems concerned for his future.

Of course, we must look after our own family first and ourselves second.

Family communications must not stop and regular contact with friends is essential as mental health problems will escalate if we go it alone.

Much stress is caused by our own actions and our family doctor, church contact, shopkeeper or barmaid are all of value for a yarn.

This winter may be hard for every country person but family and friends will be of great value.

It’s showtime

THE 150th Royal Bathurst Show is the focus for our district for the next three days and the organisers and team of volunteers deserve much credit for making the event a real showcase.

Many visitors will attend our show as a way of saying thank you to the organisers but most will be going to just enjoy one of Bathurst’s best annual attractions.

So let’s forget our worries for a day or two and have fun with family and friends at our very own show.

No weed spraying

BECAUSE of the grip this drought has on the Tablelands, Upper Macquarie County Council has cancelled its aerial weed spraying program due to zero growth patterns of existing noxious weeds and a shortage of suitable surface water.

Producers appreciated chairman Ian North’s explanation of the problems during an interview with ABC Rural Radio and in printed media.

Former UMCC chairmen Eric Thompson and Les Wardman were often heard on radio as they discussed weed control and it’s good to hear Cr North reviving this practice.

Early warning

SEVERAL well-known producers have asked why I didn’t publicise drought planning meetings that were held in the district in recent weeks.

Central Tablelands Local Land Services sends an electronic newsletter that isn’t received until after my media deadline, so the two-thirds of ratepayers who don’t receive the electronic message will only know of meetings by morning radio.

This column is always available to post diary dates but perhaps LLS could improve their gate speed from the barrier.

Happy anniversary

GOLDEN wedding congratulations to former show president Tony Toole and his bride Bettie.

They must have been just out of school when they married as they seem to know about eternal youth.

Farewell Barbara

BARBARA Ryan of Fitzgeralds Mount passed away post-Easter.

Barbara and her husband Share were heavily involved in the high country show circuit, specialising in chainsaw events.

Their efforts will be remembered.

Fitting tribute

THE recent passing of Doug Stapleton of Perthville caused sadness across our area as he was a long time wardsman at Bathurst Base Hospital and is remembered for his genuine care for several generations of patients.

Staff at the Base observed a minute’s silence as a fitting tribute to Doug.

Well done, doc

MANY thanks to Donna Corby at Ochre Health (CSU) for putting together a tribute to Dr Ross Wilson to mark his 30 years contribution as a GP in Bathurst.

Ross has been the family doctor to several generations, from delivering tiny babies to keeping some of us old buffers going.

I know that Dr Ross’ efforts are greatly appreciated.

His grandsons are following his footsteps as they show their stud sheep on the show circuit.

The family are all great supporters of small country shows, as well as top flight events.

Poll dancers

STATE and federal elections are starting to shimmer on the horizon and our NSW voting is now just 12 months away.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is obviously a real leader and will need to be as some really contentious issues have confused many voters.

Candidates for both Bathurst and Orange must soon be selected as profiles will need to be developed long before polling day.

Regular comments come to me on the concerns that LLS ratepayers have on the make up of board members’ appointments.

The issue of “are we getting value for our rate dollars?” is often raised and this may develop as an election issue.

In the federal sphere, I hope our prime minister doesn’t campaign with hands in his pockets and looking happy while seeing the Coalition support dwindling day by day.

Laugh lines

AT 2am in a quiet country town she woke hubby.

“Look at next door’s back yard,” she said. “What’s he dragging? Could be a body. Now he’s digging a deep hole.”

Hubby came fully awake: “Now I know that b….. hasn’t returned my good shovel.”


MUM and dad arrived in Heaven and St Peter showed them the golf course, swimming pool, sandy beach, bars and bistro.

Dad said: “And to think we could have been here 10 years ago if you hadn’t fed us skim milk, wheat germ and damned yoghurt.”


A MAN is not really married until he fully understands every word that his wife is not saying.