Letter | It wasn’t meant to be personal criticism

I DO not want to turn the museum matter into a saga, however I was informed that the museum had not been opened since October 2017. I did mention the sign (which advertised the opening days and times) had been removed from the roundabout.

I have on many occasions driven past the gate to the museum and found it to be locked. This indicated to me the museum was closed. There used to be a sign placed on the kerbside on the corner of Lowes Mount Road and Scotia Avenue. This sign has also not been there for quite some time. 

My concern was that maybe there were insufficient members to have the museum open each weekend. I realise that it takes quite a deal of time to have the museum open.

I note the museum will be open on March 10 and 11 and there are coaches booked throughout the year. 

I am saddened to hear from Laurie’s words that it seems she has taken my concern so personally. I wrote with concern and thought that maybe some help was needed to ensure the museum operates now and into the future.

I was not aware there was a phone number for the museum. I have taken the time to speak with folk I knew were committee members and sadly they are no longer involved with the museum. I had been told there was an operation for a family member, so did not want to interfere if there was a health issue within the family.

I have either missed or there has not been any advertisements in the local paper indicating an annual general meeting was to be held, which is normally associated with community organisations. I also do not know if there are monthly meetings held, or how one becomes a member of the Oberon Museum.

My letter was because folk had spoken to me and others regarding their concern for the museum. After all, the museum is a community organisation and people were justifiably concerned on several issues.

To the concerned folk and readers of the Review, I do not want real concerns to become a continuing saga. To avoid this happening again, perhaps the museum committee might provide information on a regular basis to the Review regarding annual general meetings and day-to-day operations of the museum. We will then know what is or is not happening with the museum.

Marj Armstrong