Venturers will be back in the Vulcan State Forest

RETURNED: Venturers at the Dragon Skin event in 2010 in Vulcan State Forest. Participants will be back in 2018 for a weekend of challenges.
RETURNED: Venturers at the Dragon Skin event in 2010 in Vulcan State Forest. Participants will be back in 2018 for a weekend of challenges.

NEARLY 1000 Venturer Scouts will be in the Oberon region over the Easter long weekend for an event incorporating camping, climbing and physical challenges.

Dragon Skin, the premier event for Venturers (14 to 17-year-old Scouts) in NSW, involves Venturers and school groups from all over NSW and Australia.

The annual event will be held over the Easter weekend from March 30 in Vulcan State Forest, near Black Springs, and is expected to attract close to 1000 Venturers, supported by more than 400 Rovers and leaders from across NSW, many of whom have been coming to the event since they were Venturers themselves.

A Dragon Skin spokesperson said the event has been running since 1984 and has had thousands of participants over the years.

"We first made use of Vulcan State Forest in 2006 where we experienced some of the coldest temperatures in the history of the event,” the spokesperson said.

"We returned again in 2010 and we are excited to again be making use of the forest in 2018."

Though Dragon Skin is a competition for Venturers from across Australia, the majority come from NSW. 

"This year we expect a strong contingent from the ACT and Victoria along with teams from Queensland and the Northern Territory,” the spokesperson said.

"In fact, the event has been won by a team from the Northern Territory for the last two years.

“The Venturers arrange themselves into teams of between four and seven and make their way around the forest completing as many initiative-style activities as possible.

"These activities fall into one of five categories - construction, physical challenge, first-aid, sensory deprivation or cooking - and are designed to take upwards of 20 minutes to complete.

"The Venturers are completely self-sufficient for the weekend, carrying all of their clothes, camping equipment and food that they will need for the four days.

"They are given a map with a list of co-ordinates and navigate their own way around the forest.

"Each night they stay in one of four Venturer overnight campsites where they will find a range of entertainment options including discos, outdoor cinemas, climbing walls, aerial sock wrestling and plenty of space just to chill out after a hard day hiking.”

The spokesperson said the organising committee is thankful for the support provided by Oberon Council and many Oberon businesses that are making their services available. 

Dragon Skin is held in a state forest within two or three hours of Sydney. In 2004, the 21st Dragon Skin, Fred Longley, presented the perpetual trophy, a large forged steel dragon, which is presented to the winner.