A former employee of Ceres Agricultural and Paspaley Pearls fined

A MAN who pretended to be an employee of two companies when purchasing tools and other equipment from retailers, including one in Oberon, has been convicted and fined.

Joshua Patrick Hanrahan, 31, of Billywillinga Road, Billywillinga, was convicted before magistrate Michael Allen on February 12.

The court heard how the accused was an employee of Paspaley Pearls (livestock), but his employment ceased in 2016. Over a period of time, it was noted invoices were coming in for unaccounted items, and the company couldn’t verify the purchaser.

Prior to his employment with Paspaley Pearls, the accused was employed by Ceres Agricultural Company as a farmhand. During his employment, he was given permission to purchase supplies under the Ceres account.

The court heard the accused attended Mitre 10 Bathurst on February 4, 2017 and purchased a brush-less Makita that cost $1589.

CCTV footage showed him claiming to be a current employee of Paspaley Pearls, taking the products and leaving the store.

The second offence occurred on Monday, February 13, 2017 when the accused attended West End Electronics in Durham Street, Bathurst and purchased UHF equipment costing $1068, again billing Paspaley Pearls.

The accused attended Mawhood's Mitre 10 Oberon on February 24, 2017 and purchased items worth $693.24, using the account of Ceres Agricultural Company. The transaction was recorded on CCTV footage.

Police had difficulty arranging to speak with the accused, but during a brief conversation, the accused told police the victims in the matter owed him money.

On the first count of dishonestly obtaining money by deception, Hanrahan was fined $1100. The second matter (involving the purchase of UHF equipment) was dealt with by way of a Section 10A conviction.

Hanrahan was also ordered to pay compensation to Paspaley Pearls of $2657.

On the third matter, Hanrahan was convicted, fined $600 and ordered to pay Mawhood’s $693.24 in compensation.