Letter | We’ve already settled the fluoride debate

I HAVE expressed my thoughts directly to the Oberon councillors, but I would also like to share them with the wider community.

I would like to express my support for Oberon Council to maintain its current policy in relation to water fluoridation, which is not to fluoridate.

I would also like to speak on behalf of those residents who I know have chosen to live here especially because this town does not have fluoridated water, as they have found that fluoridated water adversely affects their health.

Given that there was a thorough and balanced process in 2014 where everyone was able to express their opinion, and the then council voted against implementation of fluoridation, it would be a waste of council resources to do this all over again, especially when nothing in the world of fluoridation has ostensibly changed.

I would like to note that the letter from Oberon Health Council (OHC) was prompted from another letter from NSW Health (Western).

I do not consider this letter a genuine independent request for this issue to be raised again.

It is the NSW Government writing to Oberon Council then writing to OHC telling them to write to Oberon Council.

It’s a farce, much like the forced council amalgamations were.

I’d like to think that “We won’t be fooled again” - (The Who).

Veronika Cvitanovic