Epic run will be coming to Oberon

AN epic ultramarathon has begun and will be passing through Oberon next week.

The ultramarathon – which began on Wednesday, August 30 at Broken Hill and will end on Sunday, September 17 at the Sydney Opera House after 1300 kilometres – will pass through Oberon next Wednesday.

Runner Kirrily Dear is taking on the Run Against Violence (RAV) Steps Together Ultramarathon to engage all Australians in a positive conversation about family violence; to give a voice to the often silent victims of family violence, the children; and to remove the stigma and barriers that prevent people asking for help.

At Oberon Council's August meeting, a recommendation was carried that council provide support of $200 toward the volunteers’ dinner when those involved in the challenge stay in Oberon.

Council was approached by Brad Smithers and the RAV team for support.

An organising spokesperson said family and domestic violence is increasingly being recognised as the social challenge of our time.

“Public conversation around the issue is building; however, we often overlook the children - those who hear and see the violence, or are directly targeted,” the spokesperson said.

“Too often, these children don’t have the chance to tell their own story. In 2017, we will ask the nation to stop and listen to these young people.”

Ms Dear – and her support team – will arrive by running 47 kilometres from Bathurst to Oberon on day 15 of the ultramarathon.

The Oberon community is getting behind this event with donations.

One example is the Royal Hotel providing assistance with accommodation. 

Visit https://www.runagainstviolence.com/.