OPINION: Rural Notebook

LAST Saturday’s Burraga Sheep Show was held in bright sunshine and attendees enjoyed the quiet, country feel of each of the attractions.

AND THE WINNER IS: Ken Stapleton showed this winning fleece at the Burraga Sheep Show which was held last weekend.

AND THE WINNER IS: Ken Stapleton showed this winning fleece at the Burraga Sheep Show which was held last weekend.

We were pleased to see the involvement of Upper Macquarie County Council with its two lady weeds inspectors discussing landholder questions throughout the day. 

The Bathurst Merino Association-sponsored High 5 event for commercial ewes was a non-event as no entries were presented, and perhaps BMA could promote this class for the 2018 Burraga Show.

Discussions at the show raised several pertinent comments and each of them has merit:

  • Every farmer and his wife is really concerned about the deteriorating season. It’s not a bobtail spring; so far it’s not a spring at all.
  • It is important to keep in touch with people who are positive in their future planning. Three inches of rain will change our outlook completely.
  • A producer told me that he sells his modern merino wether lambs at 100 days for $100 each. His claim of $1 per day per lamb sounds spot on. He also says “farming is fun”.

Super results

RESULTS of the recent Super 6 Ewe Competition at the Bathurst Ram Expo are to hand:

Overall Super 6 winner: Steve Messner and family.

Finewool section: first Steve Messner and family. Medium wool section: P and K Moore. Superfine wool section: S and D Seaman.

The winning entry from the Messners is a great result for the Moore family at “Blink Bonnie” stud at Tarana, as this is the Messner family’s ram source. 

For a local merino stud to see one of its loyal local clients win this event for commercial ewes is a quality result for all concerned.

Service centre

BLAYNEY mayor Scott Ferguson recently presented retiring councillors Geoff Braddon, Shane Oates and Kevin Radburn with mementos that recognise their years of service to their community.

I’m sure that these three gentlemen will treasure the framed photos of their full council and its senior staff. 

Geoff was also given an engraved silver tray to commemorate his many years of service.

With many public bodies seeming to have become “devoid of a soul”, it’s great to see Blayney Council’s appreciation of its elected representatives.​

Laugh lines

GEORGE called in to the local after a long, dusty day in the stockyards. He was asked to buy a raffle ticket. 

“What’s it for?” he queried.

“It’s for a very poor widow with 10 children,” he was told very sadly.

George considered it. “I dunno; the way this season’s going, I don’t think I could afford to feed them,” he said.


AN English gentleman boarded the train with his big shaggy dog and sat opposite Paddy. “And what type of dog would he be?” Paddy asked.

“He’s a cross between an ape and an Irishman,” the gentleman replied.

Paddy was quick: “So you mean he’s related to both of us?”


“Are you looking for work, young man?” he was asked. 

“No, I’m not, but I would like to find a job,” he said.