Damage to vehicle hit by log truck

OBERON Council general manager Gary Wallace's most recent activity report details two workplace health and safety incidents. 

The first was on May 31 when a logging truck hit a council vehicle while it was parked in the work zone on Campbell River Road.

No injuries were reported.

An investigation found the logging truck moved over to allow another truck to pass in the work zone. The trailer swung, making contact and resulting in damage to council’s vehicle.

The second incident was reported on May 31 when an employee was injured while placing a dog into the cage on the animal control vehicle.


OBERON Council has allocated money from the town improvement funds to facilitate a conduit under Blenheim Avenue after a meeting was held with residents in May to collect information so correspondence could be had with the power authority.

Temporary power has been connected to three buildings while Essential Energy undertakes the appropriate design for underground power.


MONEY from the Restart NSW Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Program might be sought for Oberon.

“Currently, two projects are being earmarked for interest - the Tablelands Way project and a walking/bike track around Lake Oberon,” Mr Wallace said in his activity report.


WORKS and engineering director Chris Schumacher has reported to council on the annual National Timber Council Australia (NTCA) meeting.

He said information was received from several member councils in relation to the NTCA commitment to a national heavy vehicle study to identify the types of timber commodities being transported on Australian roads. 

He said a promising verbal commitment of $65 million was discussed as a commitment towards addressing the roads affected.

Mr Schumacher will work closely with NTCA president Sandy Kam to ensure Oberon is well represented.