OPINION: Letter to the editor of the Oberon Review

I WOULD like to comment on the potential closure of Mayfield Garden in Oberon due to the effect of a nearby quarry expansion.

The claim is that dust pollution, noise and trucks, using the road, would turn visitors away.

Middle Creek Quarry is 6.7 kilometres away.

There is no way, in my opinion, that the quarry is visible from Mayfield Garden.

Trucks don’t even use Mayfield Road - they go via Abercrombie Road to Oberon even when they are westbound because the road past the garden is too windy and unsuitable, despite the fact that Oberon Council had it sealed to appease Mayfield Garden owners.

Mayfield Garden owners would not have even known there was a quarry there if the owners hadn’t notified their neighbours of their expansion plans as part of the correct planning procedure.

How so much news and attention has been afforded to a potential closure over so many things that don’t exist makes me wonder.

I am sure, and hopeful, that Oberon Council won't be fooled into making a bad decision over non-existent concerns.

John McCusker