OPINION: Rural Notebook with John Seaman

RESIDENTS who worry about owning an unregistered firearm should take the opportunity to hand it in during the current gun amnesty. 

ON THE ROAD: This mob of mixed bred cattle were utilising the long paddock on roadsides in central NSW during June.

ON THE ROAD: This mob of mixed bred cattle were utilising the long paddock on roadsides in central NSW during June.

Many of us have acquired an unwanted rifle or gun over the years and would hate to have it found by the checking police. 

We know that some sections of our society own and use illegal guns and of course they won’t hand them in, but most of us are law-abiding and don’t want to do the wrong thing. 

Please ring the police station for details of handing in before you arrive with the gun.

Waiting for rain

WINTER 2017 has declined from a “she’ll be right” scenario in early May to a pretty serious pastoral scene by early July, with livestock producers making some tough decisions. 

We can be hopeful of good rain during July/August, but we also have to consider the “what-ifs” in case  winter stays very dry and very frosty.

One old hand told me “thank god for global warming or I’d have died of the cold on the motorbike on that minus 8 morning”. 

Local plumbers have been repairing burst pipes on many mornings and I know Matt Hundy was still working on repairs in the dark after 8pm last Saturday.

Mumble talk

A RECENT Facebook post from Mumblebone Merino Stud at Wellington should have been of interest to many producers. 

The post featured video of some of the 8000 merino ewes owned by the Martin brothers at Cassilis and Coolah. 

These ewes are shorn each six months, are not crutched or mulesed, and I believe that they produce typical, white Mumblebone-type wools. 

A well-known Tablelands producer who ran about 5000 merinos once told me: “If I went out on a Monday morning and found that I owned 5000 unmulesed merinos, I’d ring Ray Mullen to find me a good butcher and I’d start again.”  

The Coolah/Cassilis flocks are shorn by a team from our district on their regular run.

Diary dates

Friday, July 7: Bogo open day on Ravenswood, Yass, 10am to 3pm.

Friday, August 11: Bella Lana stud workshop with Craig Wilson. Book on 0409 467 477.

Laugh lines

THE German tourist dived into the Macquarie River and rescued an apparently drowned dog and revived it. “Are you a vet?” a lady asked and he gasped: “Ya, I’m a bloody soaking.”

OFFICE noticeboard: In an effort to spread the work more evenly, would all staff please take advantage of the stenographers earlier in the day.

GEORGE had his annual check-up and doctor said: “Your hearing has got worse, and I think you should give up drinking, smoking and love-making.” George was dismayed and asked: “What, just so I can hear better?”