Waste To Art exhibition | Photos

IT was the seventh successive year of the event, but there was no sign of waning interest at the 2017 Waste To Art exhibition.

From one entry in the first year, the exhibition attracted 105 entries this year, showing Oberon is acknowledging it has a quality event in its midst.

“It is making our kids think about things - we are starting to choose wisely and take a second look at what we want to throw away,” one parent said.

Co-ordinator Celia Ravesi said the high quality adult and high school work made the marking by judges Colin Fenn and Tom Buckland very competitive.

“Pieces going on to the Regional Exhibition in Orange were awarded only one or two marks higher than most in their categories,” she said.

"For those not going to the regional, local community awards gave well-deserved additional recognition."

Mrs Ravesi said new entrant, O'Connell Pubic School's students, made 38 entries on the theme of water and how our wildlife is being affected by waste finding its way into the waterways.

“Congratulations to all winners and exhibitors who took part,” Mrs Ravesi said.